Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services provides three stages of services to assist individuals in finding employment, learning and adjusting to a job once hired, and maintaining a job over time.

Placement Services are designed to assist a person seeking employment to find opportunities within the community and to make informed decisions.  Placement Services are individualized to assist a person to choose employment outcomes and/or career development opportunities based on his or her preferences, strengths, abilities and needs. Placement activities may include:

  • Job Tryouts and Job Shadowing
  • Improving job search skills
  • Practice in interviewing
  • Assistance in contacting employers
  • Interview follow-up

Intensive Job Coaching is available once an individual has found the right job.  The kind of assistance that an individual needs is readily available to assist in keeping the job. This can include the following services:

  • One to one training until the job is thoroughly learned
  • Support in problem solving and communication issues that may arise
  • Modifying the job or asking for reasonable accommodations
  • Training in ways to lower job stress

Long Term Follow Along Program is available as the worker feels increasingly comfortable in the job.  A job coach continues to be available a few times a month. The job coach can give refresher training on job duties, intervene if problems do arise, and act as an advocate as needed. Long Term Follow Along is available for as long as a worker needs this service.