Turkey Trot FAQ    


Q:        What is the Turkey Trot?

A:        The Turkey Trot consists of 2 events, held on Thanksgiving Day morning-a 5K run or a 2M Fitness Walk. The Turkey Trot is a fundraising event for the Center for Educational Advancement (CEA), a nonprofit (501c3) community based organization with the mission to facilitate career pathways and community employment for people with disabilities. CEA also provides academic and Transition programs for secondary school students with special needs at The CEA School. Approximately 80% of Turkey Trot registrants do the 5K run, with 20% choosing to do the Fitness Walk. This year we are anticipating about 6,100 participants.

Q:        When is the Turkey Trot Held?

A:        The Turkey Trot is held each Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November) in Flemington, NJ. The 5K run will start at 9:30am and the 2M walk will begin about 9:40am. November 24, 2016 will mark the 24th Annual running of the Turkey Trot, the largest participatory sporting event in the region.

Q:        How can I Register to Participate?

A:        Registration is done online at runsignup.com/CEATurkeyTrot or by paper application, available at www.ceaemployment.com or request one by e-mail at turkeytrot@cea-nj.org and by phone, 908-782-1480. ***Note: Online registration is $5.00 cheaper than registering by paper application.

Q.        How is the Turkey Trot Promoted?

A:        Regionally the Turkey Trot is promoted by event posters, mailings to past participants, press releases, through internal promotion by our sponsors and articles in various media outlets. Word-of-mouth from happy "Trotters" has also helped us attract new participants. We also send email updates. These contain information about the event, special offers and links to our sponsors. To be added to our e-mail updates calendar please send a request to turkeytrot@cea-nj.org and register online at runsignup.com/ceaturkeytrot

Q:        When and Where can I Pick up my Event Credentials?

A:        At the Turkey Trot Expo, on Saturday, November 19, 2016, from
9:00am - 3:00pm, CEA (Driveway 2), 11 Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ 08822 


At CEA (Driveway 2), Monday 11/21/16 from 9:00am - 7:00pm, and Tues/Weds 11/22-23/16 (9:00am –4:00 pm).

Race Day (Thanksgiving) Pickup is from 7:00am – 9:00am at the Flemington Women’s Club, 43 Park Avenue, Flemington, NJ 08822

Q:       For What Reason is the Turkey Trot Held?

A:        The Turkey Trot is a fundraising event for CEA. The mission of CEA is to facilitate career pathways and community employment for people with disabilities. We have been providing employment, evaluation and off-site placement services/programs for adults with disabilities since 1970. We also have a school for special needs students, aged 13-21. The CEA School has been providing Academic and Transition from school to work/adulthood programs since 1984. Proceeds from the Turkey Trot support CEA employment readiness programs and life skills development programs at the CEA School.

Q:        Where Can I park in Flemington on Thanksgiving Morning?

A:        There are several parking lots within a few blocks of the Turkey Trot Start. One is behind the Union Hotel-Spring Street. There are several others off Main Street-most notably opposite the Flemington Police Station (90 Main Street), although there are many others that are not in use because of the holiday. The parking lots in Liberty Village outlet center are also a good option-off Central and Mine streets. There is some on-road parking, although parking on Court Street and most of Main Street is not permitted-parking on Park Ave. is also limited. It is best to try to arrive early (registration/packet pick-up opens at 7:00am) and to car pool if possible.

Q:        Where does the Turkey Trot Start?

A:        The Turkey Trot starts on Main Street, Flemington close to the intersection of Main St and Court St.

Q:        How will I be timed at the Turkey Trot?

A:        Runners will be timed using the B-Tag scoring system.

Q:        Why aren’t Walkers timed?

A:        The 2M walk is not a competitive event. It is a “fitness walk” not a race-walk. Most walkers come out to show their support for CEA and walk up an appetite in a low-impact way with old and new friends and family members.

Q:        When are Overall Winner and Age Group awards presented?

A:        Awards are presented approximately 30 minutes after the winners finish the 5K. This allows the scoring company to tally results, and gives most participants the opportunity to be part of the awards ceremony. Results are occasionally slowed down when insufficient numbers of participants in an age group have completed the course. The awards ceremony takes place in the park behind the “Old Courthouse” at the intersection of Court Street and Park Avenue, one block away from the finish line.

Q:        Where can I find my Race Results?

A:        Online race results are typically available at www.compuscore.com by the evening of Thanksgiving Day. They can also be accessed through our website, www.ceaemployment.com.

Q:        Are children welcome at the Turkey Trot?

A:        Yes-children are welcome. A good number do the walk in their early years and progress to the 5K...it all depends on age and ability. We have a great number of family groups participating.

If the kids are just getting into running it might be best to start closer to the back of the pac. It is quite exciting to be part of the crowd of runners (approx 4,500), however, the streets of Flemington are fairly narrow (when compared to the Avenues of NYC) so the crowd can be intimidating at the start when all the "serious" runners up front jockey for position in the first 1/2 mile until everyone finds their pace.

We have souvenir T-shirts starting at youth small...and during some races we will have some limited edition pink ones. However, once they are gone, they are gone. (As always, the best T-shirt selection is at the TTrot Expo on 11/19/16-if you can make it.)

Q:        Why are dogs and strollers not permitted at the Turkey Trot?

A:        The 5K run is a USATF-NJ sanctioned event, and as such dogs (and other potential tripping hazards) are not permitted and are not covered by event insurance. For the safety of our runners we have a no strollers/pets etc rider on our participation waiver. (I have heard from some runners that they have seen or
encountered situations where runners with strollers, pets/leashes etc cause
tripping or heel/leg clipping hazards, particularly with the 4,500+ runners on
the crowded and narrow streets of Flemington. Despite the “rule”, some runners
do choose to bring their canine companion with them. Event insurance does not
cover any problems/encounters with other runners, other dogs etc. Leashes can
be a tripping hazard and sometimes even the best behaved dog can react
unpredictably in a large noisy crowd, particularly when many participants are
anxious to run fast (difficult on the streets of Flemington) or in costume-we typically have pilgrims, Santa, grinches, gorillas etc. We have even had a group dressed as the Mayflower.

The 2M walk, with about 1,300 participants is not a USATF-NJ sanctioned event and although we keep the same waiver on the application for insurance purposes,
many people participate with their youngest family members/friends and some of
the best behaved canine companions in town, safely and with respect for the
safety of others, unencumbered by the need to "race"...the walk is
not timed.
The walk is not competitive (for most participants) and affords a good time to meet good people and pets in a gentle activity. Anybody with pets and/or strollers
is encouraged to do the walk with others helping our cause and walking up an
appetite for Thanksgiving dinner.

Please, for your safety and enjoyment of the Turkey Trot, follow the rules regarding canine companions, strollers etc. Please take note of where you are lining up...if you do not regularly run 4.5-5 minute miles don't stand on the starting
line....our competitive runners deserve the chance to show their abilities and
don't want to run into you.
Q:        What is the Team Competition and how can I start a Team?

A:        The Team competition is for runners. The top three finishing times of team members are added to create the Team Finishing Time. The team with the fastest finishing time wins.  There is an open category-for teams with runners of any age and a Masters Category, in which all Team members must be 40 years of age or older. Each category is broken down into Women’s teams, Men’s teams and Co-Ed Teams. (With Co-Ed Teams at least one member of each gender must score.)

Q:        How many people can be on a Team?

A:        You can have as many team members as you wish…however, only the top three eligible runners will score. Please ensure that each member of your team enters exactly the same Team Name…team members may register online or by paper application.

Q:        Why is the Team competition restricted to Runners?

A:        Walkers are not timed.

Q:        Where can I find a course map for the Turkey Trot?

A:        We have a link to a course map on our website, www.ceaemployment.com

Q:        What is the Turkey Trot Expo?

A:        The Expo is the first day that running numbers and souvenir event T-shirts are available, and is held at CEA, 11Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ 08822. This year it is sponsored by Hunterdon Healthcare and will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The Expo is also a chance for many of the event sponsors to highlight their support for the Turkey Trot and introduce attendees to their businesses. Expo specials, giveaways etc are the norm. Pre-registered runners and walkers can pick up their credentials, and those that have waited can register on-site and avoid the crowds on Thanksgiving morning. 
Q:        How can I volunteer to help with the Turkey Trot?

A:        To volunteer at the Turkey Trot, please contact Eddie Schell at 908-782-1480 or eschell@cea-nj.org

Q:        If something happens and I cannot run/walk, can I get a refund?

A:        Unfortunately, since this is a charity event, refunds cannot be given.

Q:        I wish to make a tax deductible donation to CEA. How can I do that?

A:        Please send any donation you wish to make to: CEA, 11 Minneakoning Road,
Flemington, NJ 08822. Please mark your check (or on a note) to indicate that
you are making a donation to CEA, if it is in honor of a particular person and
if you/your donation require any particular handling/acknowledgement.

Donations may also be made online at runsignup.com/ceaturkeytrot during the registration process. Please consider joining many of your fellow trotters and make a tax deductible donation in support of CEA and The CEA School.

Q:        How can I receive information about other CEA events or find out if I can help CEA or The CEA School in any other way?

A:         Please contact Michael Skoczek, President & CEO, at 908-782-1480 (mskoczek@cea-nj.org) or Event Coordinator/Volunteer Manager, Eddie Schell (eschell@cea-nj.org). 

Other info to consider:

There are no pacers.

Although we 
have a fairly fast competitive group most people see this as a fun-run as the course has many turns and in some areas the roads can be narrow. 

There is no gear check area.

Most parking is close to the course and race start/finish.

Awards ceremony starts when most 
runners are done and there is a meaningful amount of age group data available…typically 10:15-ish.